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Sketchbook Pro 6 for iPad: Modern Artists, Take Note

In an amazing sea of apps, it can be difficult to identify the truly amazing simply because there are so many choices. One app that cannot avoid being noticed is the incredible Sketchbook Pro 6 for iPad from the geniuses at AutoDesk. Sketchbook is a serious app for serious artists, and it is chock-full of features designed to truly amaze. Take a look inside – you're going to like what you see.


Artists should not be limited by a limited number of tools. Sketchbook gives you over 100 different utensils, from pencils and copic brushes to outline and texture brushes, giving your sketches depth and texture previously unheard of. You can even customize your brushes to create an effect all your own. Even better, the program is specifically designed for use with pen tablets, making the program even more personalized to your artistic needs.


The intuitive interface of Sketchbook Pro 6 allows the artist to work with layers, advanced blending, and transparency options. In other words, you can make a rough sketch (think beginning stages of Disney illustrations) and then use that sketch as a basic template for more detailed drawing layers and added detail. To add fine features, use your fingers to pinch or expand an area of your drawing for a zoomed-in view. Additional features of Sketchbook Pro 6 include Dropbox integration and the ability to export and import Photoshop files.


Tips & Tricks

One important note: to create a really fine drawing, you are definitely going to need to pair the Sketchbook app with a nice stylus. Consider investing in a Jot Pro ($29.99) for those fine details that a regular stylus just can't give you. In addition to its fine point, it also has a cool sound dampening tip to avoid that annoying click-click-click you normally get with each touch. Pogo Sketch and iCooly are other solid stylus options (and the iCooly actually includes a brush tip).


Sketchbook Pro 6 for iPad is a fantastic app for serious artists looking to take their art into the digital age. It has more options than most people will ever need, but it is also simple, straightforward, and delightful to use. If you want to create some incredible pieces of art with fantastic detail and do it on the go, give Sketchbook Pro 6 a try. It may not have quite the level of detail that you would get with a PC, but it's certainly more than any tablet app has provided in the past.