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Apple iOS 7: What's In It For You

It was time for a change, and Apple delivered with the new iOS 7. This radical redesign still maintains a distinctively Apple feel, but with a new look, ease, and multitude of features that were lacking in the past. Here is a quick overview of what's new and why change is good.


Without even touching your screen, you will immediately notice that the app icons look different. The new flat, pastel graphics and zoom animations upon open and close feel modern and up-to-date. While the look is different, the buttons still function the same way as in the past, so there is no steep learning curve to overcome.


At long last, Safari has combined it's URL and search fields, allowing you to type either a URL or search phrase in the same box. It's about time, too – pick up any Android device, and you will find that this has been a part of their designs for years. We are also no longer limited to eight open windows, and the open windows appear in a scrolling card system rather than using the swipe left or right system of old. Again, it feels a lot more modern than the older Safari versions.


AirDrop (Yeah!)
New feature alert! The good folks at Apple have added AirDrop to the iOS 7, enabling you to share files with nearby neighbors by creating an ad hoc network. Just hit the “share” button, and immediately you will see others around you who are also operating iOS 7. You can then share your pictures or other files with a simple click on your friend's picture. (Not to worry- you can also make your device invisible to others if you prefer not to be bothered.)


Camera Apps
Burst mode, filters, and new shooting modes are all new for the iOS 7. Photos are geotagged in addition to being organized chronologically, providing you with new ways to search for your photos. You can now shoot photos with filters applied immediately, and while not that drastic, it is still a fun new change from operating systems of the past.


The iOS 7 provides Apple users with a few much needed updates and features that were causing feature-envy in the past. This version is a nice change from Apple, and while it take a bit of getting used to, you will find it worth your while to get to know the iOS 7.