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It was time for a change, and Apple delivered with the new iOS 7. This radical redesign still maintains a distinctively Apple feel, but with a new look, ease, and multitude of features Continue Reading →


The last few years have given us several new iPads, and while each was a little better than the last, the new features weren't all that exciting, to be perfectly honest. Continue Reading →


With Apple's sleek new iPod Air coming to market November 1st, Apple lovers are naturally in a hurry to get their hands on the latest product. But with the upcoming Apple Mini 2 with Continue Reading →


In an amazing sea of apps, it can be difficult to identify the truly amazing simply because there are so many choices. One app that cannot avoid being noticed is the incredible Sketchbook Pro 6 for iPad from the geniuses at AutoDesk. Continue Reading →


The iPad is the name given to a series of tablets created by Apple Inc. that have been wildly successful with the general populace all around the globe – be it the average consumer, the businessman, the educator, this multifaceted device of multifarious usage has been a hit from the moment it was released on April 3, 2010Continue Reading →


If you take a look around, you will find that technology has a great importance in everything that you see and hear. The technology sector grows leaps and bounds every single day as there are new advancements, new technologies, new updates and new product versions releasing on a daily basis.Continue Reading →